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Rainy Night

June 20th, 2011

It was a rainy and I was 25, I heard a knock on the door, I answered the door it was my dads best friend roger. I told him to get in out of the rain. we sat in the living room I asked him what was wrong he told me his wife left him. I got him a beer and we talked for hour about why she left. He told me that she caught him getting his cock sucked. I asked who the lady was, he kinda blushed and said it was not a lady. I said get the fuck out you are bi. He said yes but only a top he never sucked a guy before and would not ever do that. after a few more beers I told him i am also bi and strictly a bottom. He said no shit well it would put me in a better mood if i got my cock sucked. I said i could do that for you i always wondered what your cock is like. He said take it out and take a look for your self. I sat next to him on the sofa and rubbed his cock thru his pants, unzipped his zipper and pulled his cock out. I was shocked it was 9" and super thick. he said you like that. I said fuck yes its a beautiful cock. I lowered my head down on to and went to work on that super cock. after about a half hour of sucking on it roger said you up to get this cock shoved deep in your hole. I jumped up grabbed him by the hand and lead him into the bedroom. I stripped naked got into bed and got on all four with my ass up in the air. all he said was god that ass is better than i ever dreamed of and began to eat my hole. He stuck a finger in me the two then three. He said i gotta have that hole around my cock. He got behind me and slowly worked that big cock inch my big inch till he was balls deep in my tight asshole. he let out a moan and said what a fantastic ass i had. he started to work the hold with long slow stokes at first. then He said you ready to get fucked good and proper all i could do was let out a moan yes. He flipped me on my back stuck my legs in the air and with one deep thrust stuck his big rock hard cock into my hole. he started to slam my hole with such thrust and hard pumping i thought for sure it was going to come out my mouth. he pulled out then layed on his baack his his rock hard rod in his hands and told me to take it for a ride. I climbed onto his cock and bounced my ass up and down on it for a good half hour when he told me to get off the bed and bend over the edge. he walked up behind me and fucked my ass like i never got fucked before. it was the first time i ever screamed getting fucked. I was yelling for him to stop it hurts. He laughed and said shut up and take it I am not going to stop till i fill you hole with my seed. after about a another half hour of ass pumping fury he let out a scream and pumped his seed deep into my ass. he said he has always dreamed of fucking me and it was so much better than he eever thought. He fucked 3 more times that night. and for the next 5 years we had a on going hoop up I miss that cock

Posted by: valencia2820


  • clarko95 wrote 1315 days ago:

    Dear Lord, that is HOT! I wish i could be you! Go get 'em!

  • liltony334 wrote 1378 days ago:

    i no you was happy

  • GayPorn6969 wrote 1385 days ago:

    aww :)

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