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October 11th, 2011

I like being with primal/tribal men that release there inner beast! There are 2 forms of men; those that are uncut and those that are cut. I'm sadden to say I fall into the latter.

Through mental hard work I've gone from being jealous of uncut men to being envious of them. Male genitalia [nothing to do with how small or hung he is; I'm not a size queen!] is most sexy when he has his foreskin intact. It doesn't matter if his foreskin is short, long or tight; I have a compulsion to worship a uncut dick.

It's how they look,feel in my hand or mouth, how they smell and taste. Although not practical, I feel orally all uncut dicks should be worshipped and not only given a blow job.

Worshipping a dick comprises of: Putting a guy's oral pleasure ahead of your own. Taking your time to slowly and attentively giving him FULL oral service.

✔ Sniffing
✔ Licking
✔ Cleaning his dick before and after use
✔ Sucking
✔ Deep throating
✔ Being Face Fucked
✔ ALWAYS swallowing every drop of cum and piss
✔ For the dedicated, suck clean any head cheese

When I have sex with a guy it doesn't matter if he is cut or uncut. When he is uncut, I'm there to worship his dick every time rather his dick is clean or dirty. I love the taste of dick/foreskin when it doesn't smell or taste like soap.

NOTE: At present I like the smell of head cheese and have yet to orally clean one. It goes back to practicality, I fight the compulsion to worship uncut dicks of every man that has one and those I'm not sexually attracted to. What I do look forward to is having a small circle of uncut men or one regular casual mate to practice Dick Worship on and eventually orally clean his cheesy dick

Posted by: SKUNK1ON1


  • navidkun wrote 1314 days ago:

    Im gay plz mail me Dokhtare_kirdust@yahoo.com

  • navidkun wrote 1314 days ago:

    Im gay plz mail me Dokhtare_kirdust@yahoo.com

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