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October 11th, 2011

One true fetish in the sense I enjoy rimming butt even if no other sexual activity is involved. Again it appease the nasty, dirty, filthy beast from within. I enjoy rimming a clean or dirty butt! A preference for smooth hairless butt holes and specially if he has a rosebud or prolapsed anal lips. Though I enjoy being Dominant and consider myself a ass man, B.O. ,Foreskin, Fluid Swallowing and servicing a butt are the ONLY things I enjoy doing from a Submissive mindset. To the point of worshiping a guy's ass hole.


✔ SNIFFING - butt crack, butt hole and farts
✔ LICKING – butt hole clean
✔ SUCKING – on a rosebud or prolapsed anal lips
✔ RIMMING – spreading his cheeks,telling him to push that hole out to stick my tongue deep inside. As best I can lick his inner walls
✔ FELTCHING – licking and sucking a load of cum out of his ass
✔ FEEDING – One day, when the right mate is found, see what it be like for him to dump shit in my mouth while rimming his ass or from underneath his rim chair. [Something I'm ready and want to try but yet to do. I only want to do this with ONE guy and ONE guy only.]

Some guys show there affection and appreciation for others with cuddles and kisses. Men know I'm into them by how much attention I give to there ass hole!

Posted by: SKUNK1ON1


  • navidkun wrote 1319 days ago:

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