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southern calif.????

November 21st, 2011

Hey....San Gabriel valley..looking to take it

Posted by: blake401

horny boy

November 9th, 2011

got horny this morning watched some gay porn and my cock got so hard and i wanked it then shot my cum in my mouth

Posted by: sweeney30

freedom and expression

October 27th, 2011

freedom and expression

Posted by: kuper22222


October 19th, 2011

Hi,frndr can u fucck me i ready.but u smart and ur lund

Posted by: arnavraj55

hi guys

October 16th, 2011

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Posted by: navidkun


October 16th, 2011

I like boy cock

Posted by: navidkun


October 16th, 2011

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Posted by: navidkun


October 16th, 2011

Hi guyes plz email me dokhtare_kirdust@yahoo.com i love boy cock plz send my your cock pctuer

Posted by: navidkun


October 11th, 2011


I will begin by saying that I myself take a shower at least once a day and sometimes two or three. I understand the importance of personal hygiene for good health and social reasons. Yet when I express openly and honestly my fetish for male body odour when relaxing and having sex with men, the assumption is made that I am filthy and live in a dirty environment. This is far from the truth and because I live alone and I'm non pretentious and non materialistic I can let things get cluttered and untidy, but always my place is presentable should I receive and host guest.

I have had sex with both sexes and now have sex with men exclusively. I find men to be more of a challenge, attracted to there bodies and enjoy the rough and tumble. I don't feel or seek romance from a man, it is what it is. That is, having male friends with strong sexual bond as a foundation for a thriving friendship without a requiring a initial commitment or promise of monogamy.

When I take showers I use soap like everyone else does. I only use deodorant prior to going a to work and when I make public contact with other people during social gathering. I no longer wear cologne at all. I realise that you use soap to remove dirt,oils and bacteria from your body when showering.

When I inform guys that I have a fetish for a man's body odour, I try to get them to understand that it's MY fetish and not necessarily theirs. In this sense they are told it's a preference not a demand. That I myself am more than happy to be clean and showered before engaging in any sexual activities.

As for me, I love the smell of B.O. that a guy gives off from his armpits,crotch and butt crack when he hasn't taken a shower and after he has been physically active where his sweat has dried and set. It puts me in a primal/tribal mindset and his scent is natural aphrodisiac. What guys use amyl/poppers for I get from the odours that his body emits. When being ORAL I prefer, not to smell or taste any hint of deodorant,cologne,soap or talc.

When you speak on BODY ODOUR, I understand we all have different levels of tolerance. The only way I can explain things from senses and level of tolerance is by creating a scale from mild to extreme. Then in return using my scale, ask men where they would place there self and what level of tolerance they have.


1) CLEAN – This level is for those that REQUIRE a sexual partner to be B.O. free. That means having had a shower prior to engaging into sex and not put off by the smell of soap, deodorant, cologne or the use of talc.
2) MUSKY – This when a guy lightly perspires from normal daily activities or where he hasn't since his morning shower taken another or had a change of clothes. There may even still be a hint of deodorant/soap remaining. This is usually when a person begins to get a whiff of there self and feel comfortable knowing no one else can smell them unless they actually are close enough to take a good sniff of their armpits.
3) FUNK – At this level, it is an extension on level 2 whereas a guy has been engaging in more strenuous physical activities and sweats profusely [ then let dries]..e.g. Manual physical labour, gym or weight training, partaking in a sporting activity, is a tradesman, dancing or has engaged in sex and not yet showered. There is no longer any hint of deodorant/cologne or soap. Others in close quarters by sight or smell knows that a guy stinks of B.O. and assumes that he will be taking a shower soon.
4) RIPE – Again, this is an extension of level 2 and/or 3, whereas a guy may skip taking a shower for 2-3 days or doesn't shower as a daily routine. He may wear the same underwear without changing them and they might be piss/cum stained or found to have light skid marks in them. By all social conventions such a guy is said to be gross. To me, it's the highest level of a sexual turn on.
5) RANCID/PUTRIC – This is the EXTREME level of body odour and ISN'T what I seek sexually or otherwise. The best way to explain this level is to equate it the odour that a homeless person gives off. Through no fault of there own because they don't have a place to live, regular access to shower facilities or able to change daily in clean fresh clothes after pissing and messing there self. We all agree this extreme level is unhealthy and sexually unappealing to 'most' people.

There is one clarification I would like to make. YES, levels 1 through 4 are welcomed from any guy that I have sex with. As stated as a FETISH, these levels [except level 1 ] of body odour gets and keeps my dick hard,I make no apologies for that!

Online; You will see men express this by using the word sweat or sweaty bodies to describe the raunchy play they seek from other men. For me, that isn't what I seek! Unless we arrive in a sweaty state together during sexual activities, I don't find a guy dripping in sweat sexy. It's when the sweat dries and the bacteria from that dried sweat, creates the odour.

It's when I'm spooning or having sex with a guy I enjoy sniffing his musky to ripe armpits.
When casually or as foreplay sniff, lick, suck a guy's dick and balls. Most of all, do the same to his butt crack and ass hole. I love it while rimming a guy he farts in my face and mouth.

I have spent time self analysing what it is about this fetish why it's a turn on. I see women as dainty and sweet; men as roughed and dirty. In these moments of being in a primal/tribal mindset pleasure with men releases my inner beast. I like to think of it as expressing a sexual connection as a primitive animal. Body Odour excites me to be Orally Submissive and the thrill/excitement comes from being nasty, dirty, raunchy and push the boundaries of filth.

Posted by: SKUNK1ON1


October 11th, 2011

One true fetish in the sense I enjoy rimming butt even if no other sexual activity is involved. Again it appease the nasty, dirty, filthy beast from within. I enjoy rimming a clean or dirty butt! A preference for smooth hairless butt holes and specially if he has a rosebud or prolapsed anal lips. Though I enjoy being Dominant and consider myself a ass man, B.O. ,Foreskin, Fluid Swallowing and servicing a butt are the ONLY things I enjoy doing from a Submissive mindset. To the point of worshiping a guy's ass hole.


✔ SNIFFING - butt crack, butt hole and farts
✔ LICKING – butt hole clean
✔ SUCKING – on a rosebud or prolapsed anal lips
✔ RIMMING – spreading his cheeks,telling him to push that hole out to stick my tongue deep inside. As best I can lick his inner walls
✔ FELTCHING – licking and sucking a load of cum out of his ass
✔ FEEDING – One day, when the right mate is found, see what it be like for him to dump shit in my mouth while rimming his ass or from underneath his rim chair. [Something I'm ready and want to try but yet to do. I only want to do this with ONE guy and ONE guy only.]

Some guys show there affection and appreciation for others with cuddles and kisses. Men know I'm into them by how much attention I give to there ass hole!

Posted by: SKUNK1ON1


October 11th, 2011

I like being with primal/tribal men that release there inner beast! There are 2 forms of men; those that are uncut and those that are cut. I'm sadden to say I fall into the latter.

Through mental hard work I've gone from being jealous of uncut men to being envious of them. Male genitalia [nothing to do with how small or hung he is; I'm not a size queen!] is most sexy when he has his foreskin intact. It doesn't matter if his foreskin is short, long or tight; I have a compulsion to worship a uncut dick.

It's how they look,feel in my hand or mouth, how they smell and taste. Although not practical, I feel orally all uncut dicks should be worshipped and not only given a blow job.

Worshipping a dick comprises of: Putting a guy's oral pleasure ahead of your own. Taking your time to slowly and attentively giving him FULL oral service.

✔ Sniffing
✔ Licking
✔ Cleaning his dick before and after use
✔ Sucking
✔ Deep throating
✔ Being Face Fucked
✔ ALWAYS swallowing every drop of cum and piss
✔ For the dedicated, suck clean any head cheese

When I have sex with a guy it doesn't matter if he is cut or uncut. When he is uncut, I'm there to worship his dick every time rather his dick is clean or dirty. I love the taste of dick/foreskin when it doesn't smell or taste like soap.

NOTE: At present I like the smell of head cheese and have yet to orally clean one. It goes back to practicality, I fight the compulsion to worship uncut dicks of every man that has one and those I'm not sexually attracted to. What I do look forward to is having a small circle of uncut men or one regular casual mate to practice Dick Worship on and eventually orally clean his cheesy dick

Posted by: SKUNK1ON1


October 10th, 2011


Posted by: bigboydan

Love The Cock

October 3rd, 2011

Hi everyone I am a very Oral Bottom here, looking for Oral guys. I Love being fucked BAREBACK in my ass..............
I live in Harker Heights, TX can host 8:30am to 3:30pm weekdays only. Lets get together and have some fun.

Posted by: letscomenow

Phone Sex

October 2nd, 2011

Message me, I'll give you my number, we can sext and jerk off over the phone. ;) will take any kind of dick~

Posted by: SportyTwink435

Hello guys

I am 22 yrs old i have sucked 2 dicks before but never had a dick up my ass. I would love to meet but due to my car i can not travel more then 1 hr away. Nor can i meet on a moments notice. I have tryed craigslist in my area and only met the 2 guys i sucked.

I am a bottom tho i will top if you want me to.

Heres the thing i only want to have 1st time ass sex with a hung black man 10+ in thick. I would love a bbc gangbang for my first time also.

I am mainly into

sucking dick

ass kissing (rimjobs)

being fucked BAREBACK in my ass

eating cum

and light doimante BDSM play.

I am drug and disease free and can not host.

Posted by: geedds


September 22nd, 2011

planning for orgy hardcore send me a msg if u r interested.(Lebanon-Beirut)

Posted by: jalaljack

want to blow you

September 9th, 2011

Talented cocksucker in Tyler, TX. email me garylphillips15@yahoo.com and let me blow you

Posted by: shrike69

Photo adding

September 1st, 2011

Hey guys, I know my way around computers, but I can't get this site to upload my personal photos for my profile.. I tried the avatar button, but it's not working....... any suggestions???? Thank you :)

is any one ready?

Posted by: ahughes


August 9th, 2011

if you email me at sims.jordan92@yahoo.com we can exchange naughty pictures ;)

Posted by: jordansexysims

i have sex with you

August 9th, 2011

if you live in camdenton missouri and wanna meet up and have sex email me at sims.jordan92@yahoo.com

Posted by: jordansexysims


July 29th, 2011


Posted by: LOUIE910

aww Im coming

July 27th, 2011

I need dicky

Posted by: lovecockyboy


July 26th, 2011

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how i feel

July 25th, 2011

I feel so horny
right now I cud really use a dick

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July 25th, 2011

wat up

Posted by: jt11148

feeling it

July 25th, 2011

Right now I feel so horny looking for guys that r in barbadoes

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Posted by: lovecockyboy

I'm trying to find the whole series that starts off with "Take a Ride". I have most of them, but it looks like one is missing. Here is what I have in order.

I would really appreciate it if anyone could find the missing video. Thanks in advance.

Posted by: jacob2468

Picture Tag?

June 30th, 2011

Send me one, I will send you one. 407-408-3989. ;)
Make them good.

Posted by: analmall

Hello guys!

June 23rd, 2011

I'm new to this, and have only given/received head a few times, would love to chat with guys, poss. phone sex if persuaded.

Posted by: shaunbee

Bi-Male Loves To Swallow !!!

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Rainy Night

June 20th, 2011

It was a rainy and I was 25, I heard a knock on the door, I answered the door it was my dads best friend roger. I told him to get in out of the rain. we sat in the living room I asked him what was wrong he told me his wife left him. I got him a beer and we talked for hour about why she left. He told me that she caught him getting his cock sucked. I asked who the lady was, he kinda blushed and said it was not a lady. I said get the fuck out you are bi. He said yes but only a top he never sucked a guy before and would not ever do that. after a few more beers I told him i am also bi and strictly a bottom. He said no shit well it would put me in a better mood if i got my cock sucked. I said i could do that for you i always wondered what your cock is like. He said take it out and take a look for your self. I sat next to him on the sofa and rubbed his cock thru his pants, unzipped his zipper and pulled his cock out. I was shocked it was 9" and super thick. he said you like that. I said fuck yes its a beautiful cock. I lowered my head down on to and went to work on that super cock. after about a half hour of sucking on it roger said you up to get this cock shoved deep in your hole. I jumped up grabbed him by the hand and lead him into the bedroom. I stripped naked got into bed and got on all four with my ass up in the air. all he said was god that ass is better than i ever dreamed of and began to eat my hole. He stuck a finger in me the two then three. He said i gotta have that hole around my cock. He got behind me and slowly worked that big cock inch my big inch till he was balls deep in my tight asshole. he let out a moan and said what a fantastic ass i had. he started to work the hold with long slow stokes at first. then He said you ready to get fucked good and proper all i could do was let out a moan yes. He flipped me on my back stuck my legs in the air and with one deep thrust stuck his big rock hard cock into my hole. he started to slam my hole with such thrust and hard pumping i thought for sure it was going to come out my mouth. he pulled out then layed on his baack his his rock hard rod in his hands and told me to take it for a ride. I climbed onto his cock and bounced my ass up and down on it for a good half hour when he told me to get off the bed and bend over the edge. he walked up behind me and fucked my ass like i never got fucked before. it was the first time i ever screamed getting fucked. I was yelling for him to stop it hurts. He laughed and said shut up and take it I am not going to stop till i fill you hole with my seed. after about a another half hour of ass pumping fury he let out a scream and pumped his seed deep into my ass. he said he has always dreamed of fucking me and it was so much better than he eever thought. He fucked 3 more times that night. and for the next 5 years we had a on going hoop up I miss that cock

Posted by: valencia2820

hey everyone

June 15th, 2011

welcome to me :)

Posted by: wankvids

Sucking cock

June 11th, 2011

I started sucking cock really young, at 17 I married a whore which made many more cocks available to me throughout our marriage.

Posted by: jcomerford


June 5th, 2011

im new on here add me

Posted by: moonlightsteven

Phone Sex Pal

June 2nd, 2011

Herro, I wanna jerk off over the phone with some guys, age doesn't matter ;) Send me a message on here for my number...

Posted by: SportyTwink435

Love doing it over the phone !! Slow stroking together and then a great finish !! 7 1/2 inches. Cut.
42 years old. 6'3". Moustache. I am always horny! Serious men only. And, no one under the age of 21. Let's shoot some cream together ! :-)

Posted by: SteveD

Perfect Cock Size

May 9th, 2011

A perfect cock size for me its 5.5 6 inch i like them small, i love to suck 5inch cocks i just love them and of course they have to be UNCUT!

Posted by: UnctDck